Kamaryn Kelsey

In-laws, Outlaws and Uninvited Guests

In-laws, Outlaws and Uninvited Guests

SS Beauty Series: Book 8

The In-laws: Harry’s family had come to Ann Arbor for the wedding of Harry’s niece, Ashley. When they left two problems remained. Momma Knight and an outlaw.

The Outlaws: A less-than-scrupulous event planner had turned Ashley’s dream wedding into a nightmare. With Ashley and her new husband in Mexico for their honeymoon, the family expects Harry to fix things with the event planner. How? Send in Matt and Sady as an engaged couple in desperate need of her services. With Amanda on board as the maid of honor, they work to beat the planner at her own game.

The Uninvited Guests: It’s bad timing for Matt’s ex-girlfriend Emily and her companion to come for a surprise visit. Emily is hoping to pick up where things left off while her companion is letting things drop. Unpleasant things!

An addition to the Knight Investigations team, another round at the shooting range for Sady, and a wild dinner party hosted by Amanda keep things lively and set matters straight.